Virus-host interactions and viral pathogenesis

Understanding virus-host interactions and the mechanisms underlying viral pathogenesis is critical to develop effective prevention and control strategies for viral diseases. We are currently working on projects aimed at understanding viral innate immune evasion, infection immunity and pathogenesis. The main focus of our research are emerging viruses of swine such as Senecavirus A (SVA) and Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (PEDV).

Vector and vector vaccine development

Effective vaccines and vaccine delivery platforms are critical for infection disease prevention and control. We are currently working on the development of novel viral vectors with improved immunogenicity and safety for vaccine delivery in livestock species. Large DNA viruses are being engineered into safe and highly immunogenic vaccine delivery platforms for use in cattle and swine.


Diagnostic assay and reagent development

Emerging viral diseases pose a constant threat to the livestock industry worldwide. We work collaboratively with other researchers at SDSU to develop novel diagnostic reagents and assays for emerging viral diseases of livestock.

Feed Biosecurity

Recent outbreaks of viral diseases in swine in the US have raised important questions about the risk of contaminated feed ingredients acting as a vehicle for viruses into the country. In a collaboration with Pipestone Applied Research we are investigating survival of viruses in different feed ingredients and assessing the efficacy of chemical mitigants to prevent entry of uninvited pathogens.


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